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Restaurant Gove, KS


203 Broad St, Ste. 1, Gove, KS 67736

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Do you have the skill set to own and manage your own restaurant? Are you tired of working for others in the restaurant business and looking to showcase your skills? The Gove City Lodge #474 is offering this rare opportunity to a family or individual at this incredibly low price. This unique opportunity is set up and ready to open. Rural living at its finest in the small town of Gove, KS. Own the restaurant share of the metal building, parking lot, and all the contents to operate a full-service restaurant. This property is attached and shares a parking lot with a small-town local grocery store. Call Mark Ottley at 785-623-1400 or Nathan Goetz at 785-673-3246 for more details or to schedule a showing.

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Mark Ottley


Nathan Goetz


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